• move or cause to move from one place to another
  • change the position of one's body
  • change in emphasis, direction, or focus
  • a slight change in position, direction, or tendency
  • to change gears

I was introduced to Chiropractic when I was 14. A cousin had been diagnosed with severe scoliosis and undergone surgical spinal alignment complete with titanium rods. My mother knew that scoliosis has a genetic component and had all of her 4 children evaluated. From that day, we would see Dr. Campbell 3 times a week for many years. Eventually, I aged out of my parents’ insurance and began to realize how beneficial regular Chiropractic visits had been for my body.

Flash-forward to me in my late 20’s, working at a coffee shop in Oakland, California. A chiropractic student came to the counter and proceeded to tell me exactly where my body ached. Every spot. “How?!” I asked and then spent my break talking to him. “What do you have to lose? Meet my mentor, and see for yourself,” he said. So eventually, I was treated by his mentor, a Biotensegrity (BGI) practitioner.

He pointed me to Dr. Sue Brown’s work: BGI. She realized the body was not individual limbs or regions, but one interconnected system.

Meeting and being treated by a BGI practitioner fundamentally shaped how I practice today.

I practice with this philosophy in mind: The body is like a mobile: perfectly balanced until it isn’t. Finding that imbalance is what I do. Sometimes it’s a simple joint not moving well, sometimes the cause of the pain is very distant from the area of complaint.

During my 9 years in practice I have studied the work of Thomas Myers, trained in Graston, RockBlades, and RockTape. My treatment style is called Diversified, which basically means I use what works for your body. This may include an adjustment, soft tissue work, Rockblades and Rocktape, a stretching prescription, or a mix of all.

Our bodies are designed to MOVE!!!

At Shift I focus on getting you back to movement and back to living your best life.

Motion is life. Shift your body.