I am the only openly queer Chiropractor in the greater Cincinnati area and have been active in the LGBTQI community for almost 30 years.

I love treating my community. I personally know how much difference it can make knowing your provider understands the nuances of living as a queer individual.

I came out at 13 as lesbian and did many “die-ins” as a queer youth in Salt Lake City with Queer Nation, U.G.L.Y and one of the earliest incarnations of the Utah Pride Center.

Later I moved to Portland, Oregon where I volunteered with Outside- In’s, now defunct, Identity Project and The Q center.

While in Chiropractic college I transitioned to male.

I have either been a member of or friends with folks from the myriad sub-communities within the LGBTQ. While in Portland I treated folks in the Trans*, Kink, Poly,(+), and Leather communities.

Currently I am a member of Cincy Queer Families where my kids can meet and play with other kids who have non-traditional families or are queer themselves. It’s wonderful connecting with other Queer parents.